A Dispatch from the Future

I bring to you a dispatch from the future—specifically, from the future of our profession. It has been a pleasure to lead the Graduate Writing Workshop for this year’s Mellon School.And I can say with confidence that the future of our profession is incredibly bright, in every possible sense. I have been encouraged and inspired by the work that I have seen here, the innovative ways in which theatre and philosophy are being brought together to move our field forward. These are voices that need to be heard. So now, from my vantage point at the finish line of the Mellon School, I would like to officially retract the question that I asked after Martin’s talk on the first day. I asked then if perhaps it wasn’t essential to this field of inquiry that it always remain in some way obscure, always being worked on in isolation and always creating itself anew in the manner of the Socrates play itself. But we are not working in isolation—at least not any more. Investigating the intersections of theatre and philosophy is bringing vital new work into both disciplines, and I for one am now fully in favor of creating a theatre and philosophy society (a dubious proposition when it was aired on the first day of the school)—if only so that we can have an excuse to all meet together every year! Thank you for this experience.

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