When Performance Fails

I should have written this in July, while we were still at the Mellon School but, because of a combination of dealing with a lingering summer cold and how overwhelmed I was feeling at the end of our two weeks, I did not.... Read more about When Performance Fails


The door to this classroom is a border and all of us crossing it have the privilege to be in the room. There’s a great number of people who are not here with us because they are subject to travel bans, they have the wrong passport, they have no visa, they were denied visa, they were denied entry, they can’t afford to be here, they have no access to information, they have no access to libraries or even schools.... Read more about I.D.

“The Unbearable Lightness” of Discussing Migrations

(I am indebted to Milan Kundera for inspiring this title.)

When we discuss migrations, we are often more interested in telling our stories, making statements based on our lived experiences, and justifying our scholarship and creative works with our overwhelming personal memories. This subjective approach towards migrations may motivate us to engage with migrations in a deeper way.... Read more about “The Unbearable Lightness” of Discussing Migrations

In Search of Closure

As someone who comes from a post-war society and who moved a lot, I have been thinking about migration, exile, and the meaning of narrative for as long as I remember. This year’s Mellon School has introduced wonderful new ideas and a whole new set of questions that I am greatly inspired by and will continue to grapple with long after our seminar is over.... Read more about In Search of Closure

Mellonite Synecdoche

Encounters with brilliant minds and generous hearts inspire, baffle, stimulate questions and cultivate answers that yield more questions, a process of spinning reflection. For two weeks in June 2018, Mellonites from all over the world convened at Farkus Hall to hear from successful practitioners of public humanities, people who engage audiences via digital media, trade books, MOOCs, journalism, op-ed pieces, magazine articles, and other tools. These leaders candidly shared personal struggles, setbacks, doubts, and ultimately successes. Mellonites listened to each other as well, as we...

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