June 2013

Insurance Against the World

All too soon, we came to the final meetings of our seminars. “World Tours” had Beckett and Barthes, Footfalls and Empire of Signs, while “Capitalism” began with a far-ranging recap of the past ten days’ themes before turning to capitalist tragedy and Death of a Salesman.... Read more about Insurance Against the World

Parables of World Theater

Thursday morning, “World Tours” continued to examine the global travels of Noh with a discussion on Benjamin Britten’s “parable for church performance,” Curlew River, and its relationship to the Noh play Sumidagawa, while I dropped in on the “Capitalism” seminar to see where circulations of another sort had led them.... Read more about Parables of World Theater

Peripatetic Pedagogies

Having forayed as geographically far afield as India and Japan and out of our methodological comfort zones into discussions of sociology of theater and ANT, the “World Tours” seminar returned – with some relief – to the familiarity of the classroom on Tuesday morning for a session on Brecht and his Lehrshtück (teaching plays).... Read more about Peripatetic Pedagogies

"Rhythms of Return"

Back for Week 2, we resume our now-regular daily rhythms of seminars, workshops, lectures, and breaks filled with stimulating conversation. My colleagues from across the hall report a lively discussion of Sophie Treadwell’s Machinal in “Capitalism” (first-hand dispatches to come later this week, when I jump ship for Brecht and Arthur Miller in Beijing!)... Read more about "Rhythms of Return"

Modernist Curious?

Last Friday, our morning seminars concluded their first week with Taylorism, Ito Michio and the ways in which the systematization of labor and gesture shaped American expressionist drama – Eugene O’Neill’s The Hairy Ape in “Capitalism” – and modern dance.... Read more about Modernist Curious?