June 2014

If Surveillance, Then Performance

More than one Mellon participant remarked feeling guilty for racing home to log into Facebook last night. While fewer and fewer of us are going to the theater, we are running to Internet-based social media in droves. In the first of our evening lectures, Sarah Bay-Cheng posited that the Internet is more theater than performance, in that the Internet's little-understood physical infrastructure holds us, willingly but often surreptitiously, in its web.... Read more about If Surveillance, Then Performance

What's In Your Archive?

While those on the ground floor Wiled away, those upstairs dreamed of sociological models accounting for: liturgy, repertory, unpaid labor, paid labor, popular entertainment, national identity, and trauma. Sigmas didn't frighten our small world network, and Derek was obliged to lead a lunchtime lesson in data visualization.... Read more about What's In Your Archive?

On Location

Welcome to the fourth consecutive Mellon School of Theatre and Performance Research. This is where the magic happens. Participants hailing from locations as diverse as Britain, Ireland, Germany, the Czech Republic, and Japan gathered in the Thompson Room, our theatrum for the next two weeks, for breakfast and registration.... Read more about On Location