Donna Kornhaber


Derrida, Habermas, and Rancière were the concluding triumvirate in “Theatre and Democracy Today.” “Theatre and Philosophy” ended with the dyad of Wittgenstein and Stoppard, specifically the Philosophical Investigations paired with Dogg’s Hamlet.... Read more about Conclusions

"What if we just say this?"

Samuel Beckett’s Endgame was on the table in “Theatre and Philosophy” today, in conversation with Theodor Adorno and Stanley Cavell. (We were happy to be joined by David Herskovits and David Greenspan, in a way staging our very own encounter of philosophers and thespians, with a nod to Freddie Rokem.)... Read more about "What if we just say this?"

"It's art. It's not nice."

Act Two began today (with a citation to Martin Puchner for the metaphor). Sovereignty was the topic du jour in “Theatre and Democracy,” with Brecht’s Resistible Rise of Arturo Ui and Derrida’s The Sovereign and the Beast as the main texts. Brecht also made an appearance in “Theatre and Philosophy,” though in what we might call his “vulgar” form as one of Jacques Rancière’s main artistic antagonists.... Read more about "It's art. It's not nice."

“Come hither, O fire-god…”

It was 51 degrees and raining in Cambridge today, but through the alternating downpour and drizzle we made our way to the Barker Center to begin the second annual Mellon School for Theatre and Performance Research. Some of us (ahem) came from warmer climes; some of us from around the world: Poland, France, Turkey, Brazil, Germany, England, to name a few.... Read more about “Come hither, O fire-god…”