The door to this classroom is a border and all of us crossing it have the privilege to be in the room. There’s a great number of people who are not here with us because they are subject to travel bans, they have the wrong passport, they have no visa, they were denied visa, they were denied entry, they can’t afford to be here, they have no access to information, they have no access to libraries or even schools. The world is divided to good passports and bad passports, privileged and non privileged citizenships.  But also to no passports and no citizenships: thousands of refugees are stranded in camps for ever because they have no papers to prove their identity. 

When we leave here, each of us will go back to our lives and each will face our own set of problems: discrimination, immigration papers, trauma, adjustments of status, visa renewals. But while we are here,  every day that we cross the threshold to this classroom we remind ourselves of those would- be colleagues of ours, who deserve to be here but are not. It is them and their absence, that constitute the moral horizon for our work, academic and artistic. 
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