Street Dance Activism

On Thursday, one of this year’s participants, Shamell Bell, led us in a Street Dance Activism workshop, sharing some of her pedagogical and activist strategies as a #BlackLivesMatter organizer in Los Angeles and PhD Student at UCLA. A trained dancer, Bell is invested, both in theory and practice, in how street dance can be used as a form of what she terms “self-care, resistance, and team building.” This LA Times video highlights some of the ways Bell has incorporated street dance into the Black Lives Matter movement. Bell is also committed to educating students, through resources she makes available online, such as this prezi presentation.

After the workshop, she shared photos and videos of the workshop, accompanied by this lovely note:

“I am beyond grateful for this moment! I felt a transformative shift as we danced the intersections of fugitivity and organic intellectualism with the intent of creating/re-imagining a collective consciousness that will motivate us to move toward structural change. Thank you for sharing space and being vulnerable with me. Let's continue to build together!”

Here are a few photos of us in action:

Shamell Bell 1

Shamell Bell 2

Shamell Bell 3Shamell Bell 5

**Photos by Sheryl Chen and Anna White-Nockleby**