Wednesday, June 26th in Three Fragments

The Limits of Theory

What does it mean to forget?
Refugee replaces citizen.
The nation-state disintegrates.
Who decides on human rights?
The paradigm shifts.

What does it mean to forget?

One sodden shirt,
A father and daughter,
A last embrace.

What can we do outside this space?

The Wizard Speaks
this is your anchoring question.
that is your shadow claim.
here is the voice of your dissertation.
there is the glue for your frame.

It’s Clear and Simple as the Truth.

History Lesson

Contested spaces, disputed histories,
And the absurdity of borders.

Where does this narrative begin?
When does this narrative begin?

People and territory,
To protect, to value, to own.

Who can narrate this story?
Who needs to know this story?

This is a history of conquest.

But, who do we forget?