Cocktail Party Mellonites

Ask us for one word, for this moment now, roughly 7pm at the Thursday evening cocktail party, June 21st, aka the Solstice, International Yoga Day, and Katharina’s birthday, and we’ll say:



Lighting the mood.

Diversity & resilience.








Nice driveway.



Performance anxiety

Times Two.


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Great Reckonings in (and on) Little Boxes

Sarah Bay-Cheng’s visit to Mellon School 2018 offered attendees (are we Mellonites? Mellonheads?) an occasion to think seriously about the digital as framework through which to understand our efforts at public engagement. In brief, her lively talk sketched out the interplay between the persisting figure of the box set and interventions from the world of contemporary art and performance into our increasingly thoroughgoing digital culture.

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Pedagogical exercises

On the first day of Carrie Preston’s seminar, we read a pedagogical exercise that appears in her book, Learning to Kneel: Noh, Modernism, and Journeys in Teaching. The activity, which Preston had conducted as part of a unit on Brecht’s “learning plays,” was designed to demonstrate how often students “submit to the authority of a teacher or ‘great writer’ like Brecht without recognizing that they are being asked to say yes” (156). Preston then requested that each of us share a pedagogical activity of our own for the class. Many members of the class have generously shared...

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