2022 Session: Mellon School: The Final Session

JUNE 7-17, 2022


In June 2022, we celebrated the 12th--and final--year of the Mellon School. Our capstone session, to be held over two weeks in a hybrid online/in-person format, was be a celebration of the past twelve years and of the 400 participants and faculty who have made the Mellon School into what it is. This final session allowed all of us to reconnect and take stock: how have theater and performance studies changed over the past twelve years? How has our work evolved, both individually and collectively? What might the next twelve years look like? This last session depended on the willingness and interest of alumni to come back virtually or physically (or both) to reenact the past, report on the present, and envision the future.

Mellon School 2022 is open only to past participants and faculty of Mellon School.


Chris Balme (LMU Munich)
Shamell Bell (Harvard University)
Carrie Preston (Boston University)
Martin Puchner (Harvard University)
Andrew Sofer (Boston College)
Harvey Young (Boston University)

The Mellon School 2022 session was open only to Mellon School alumni and past faculty.