Application: Dissertation Prospectus

We realize that prospectus requirements vary from institution to institution. We are looking for approximately 5-15 double-spaced pages giving a succinct overview of your argument, its originality, methodology, and scope. If the format of your document differs from this, you may submit as is; take care to give a comprehensive description of your project.

Application: I am just beginning my graduate coursework, or I am senior faculty, or I am not in academia; should I still apply?

The Mellon School gives preference to scholars who would most directly benefit from our program's offerings, including the faculty and student writing workshops. It tends to be the case that upper-level graduate students and junior faculty have greatly benefitted from these two-week workshops. However, we do welcome other applications; please take care to specify in your application why the format of the Mellon School would be beneficial to you at this particular point in your career.

Application: If I'm not faculty or an advanced graduate student, can I still apply?

In short, yes! The Mellon School of Theater & Performance Research is open to independent scholars and artists. For independent scholars and artists, here are the materials required for the application:

  • An application form (.docx, to be saved as a PDF)
  • A cover letter (two pages), including a description of why you wish to participate in this year's theme and why your work is a good fit for the session's theme
  • A CV...
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Application: Preferred Submission Format

We prefer to receive your submission as ONE PDF document, with the filname as "LastName, FirstName Application.pdf". Other accepted formats are .doc and .docx formats. Please include your first and last name in your filename upon submission. Submissions must be in English to be considered.

Application: Statement of Interest/Cover Letter

Similar to a cover letter, this one-page document lets us know your specific interest in this summer's Mellon School and helps us to relate your current work with our current offerings. For independent scholars and artists, please address why your work is a good fit for the Mellon School session theme you are applying to in addition to why you wish to participate in this year's session (two pages).

Dormitory Accomodations

Dormitory accomodations are located only a 10-15 minute walk (through the Harvard campus) from Farkas Hall. The 2018 cost for dorms was $83 per night (subject to change), plus a flat fee for linens, which include two sets of sheets, blanket, pillow/pillowcase, bath towel, and face cloth (about $15), and an access card to the dorms (about $15).

The dorms have the advantage of being convenient and affordable, and of providing a space for participants to gather. Accommodations in the dorms, however, are very basic, with limited or no access to kitchen, etc....

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