Dormitory Accomodations

Dormitory accomodations are located only a 10-15 minute walk (through the Harvard campus) from Farkas Hall. The 2018 cost for dorms was $83 per night (subject to change), plus a flat fee for linens, which include two sets of sheets, blanket, pillow/pillowcase, bath towel, and face cloth (about $15), and an access card to the dorms (about $15).

The dorms have the advantage of being convenient and affordable, and of providing a space for participants to gather. Accommodations in the dorms, however, are very basic, with limited or no access to kitchen, etc....

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Parking Availability

Parking is limited and difficult in the Harvard Square area and near the dorms. Participants are encouraged to take public transportation, the MBTA – known as the “T.” Maps of the T routes – subways, buses, commuter rails – are located on the walls in each station. The closest station is located next to the information kiosk in the middle of Harvard Square. Complete information, including fares and schedules, is also available on line at

What part of the Mellon School is open to the public?

While the seminars and writing workshops are for participants only, the Mellon School Lectures from 5:30-7:00pm are free and open to the public. In addition, lectures are filmed will be publicly available via the internet. Lectures are led by visiting faculty members. Mellon School Lectures take place in Farkas Hall, 10-12 Holyoke Street. Please visit here to see this upcoming session's public lectures.

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