Mellon Rap-Up

Andrew is obviously the School’s resident poet – and equally gifted at tragic falling. But as

we approached this curtain all. I too heard the Muses of poetry calling:Canon wars aside

in these egalitarian times

it’s just not fair

he should get all the rhymes.

Some of you know

I’m a half decent tapper

but for this Mellon finale

I think I’ll try on rapper.

Like M&M, not in blackface,

or white face; Wooster’s also out.

We found that more troubling

than the titles Proof, Wit, and Doubt.

While we’re on lectures:

What’s up with remounting?

The crisis of the humanities,

and Kardassians left us pouting.

Urban displacement

and arts funding got us cursin’.

But don’t worry about China

Clare said, “You’re such a good person.”

Did Heather really mention

deranged breast-feeding clergy?

While we all celebrated

public humanist dramaturgy.

To my dear seminarians:

I’m sorry for Brechtian tricks,

and grateful for your lessons

in our canon remix.

And Martin, dear Martin,

Master Rapper of the Mellon.

Please love, don’t blame us,

If your anthologies aren’t sellin’.

We leave with new friends, research,

and the great Mellon School Stamp,

knowing “What Gets Performed”

thanks to Drama Boot Camp.

That’s my Mellon rap-up

though it isn’t much.

Remember us all fondly,

and please stay in touch!


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